2018 Prize Draw - Terms and Conditions

Prize Draw Terms & Conditions

The following terms relate to the Jersey Basketball Association's (JBBA) 2018 prize draw, to be drawn at Fort Regent, Jersey on 28th April 2018.

Draw Details & Mechanics

The draw will be carried out at:

Fort Regent,
St Helier,

On Saturday the 28th of April 2018 during the half time period of the Jersey vs Guernsey Island Men's match, approximately 16:00.

  • The stubs of all sold tickets will be place into an opaque, sealed container and shaken/mixed to ensure the most random selection possible.
  • The tickets will be drawn in a 'blind' manner, as the ticket numbers will be obscured from the view of the person(s) carrying out the draw.
  • The prizes will be drawn in reverse order (e.g. from 5th - 1st).
  • The tickets will be drawn by one or more JBBA committee member(s) or one or more impartial volunteer(s) of their choosing (e.g. the announcer, event sponsor, man of the match etc).
  • In the interest of fairness, each individual ticket can only win one of the allocated prizes (e.g. once a ticket has been drawn as a winner for any prize, it will not re-enter the draw to potentially be drawn again for any further prizes).
  • Giving consideration to the above, there are no restrictions around the same person winning multiple prizes (e.g. each of the multiple entries/tickets purchased by the same person can win a prize).
  • Any lost or defaced ticket stubs which are linked to sold tickets, will be replaced with small squares of card, approximately the same size as the ticket stubs, which have the missing ticket number(s) written on them.


Maximum of 500 tickets on sale at a cost of £5 each


1st - £500 Cash

2nd - £250 Cash

3rd - £100 Cash

4th - £50 Liberation Group Voucher

5th - TBC

We will make all reasonable efforts to contact the winners should they not come forward including posting the winning ticket numbers and winners names on social media and attempting to contact the winners using the contact details provided on the ticket stubs. Any unclaimed prizes will be retained for a period of three calendar months from the draw date (28th July) at which point, the cash prizes will go into the JBBA's fundraising pot and the physical prizes will be re-purposed for other fundraising events.


For any queries please contact:

Joe Harvey
Flat 2,
3 Grosvenor Terrace
Grosvenor Street,
St. Helier,

E: admin@basketball.je

M: 07797829750