Fancy playing for Jersey?

Posted on: Oct 17 2019

Island Team Training Begins! 

We are determined more than ever before as we train over the next two years towards the 2021 Natwest Island Games, as we want to beat Guernsey on their home turf! 


If you are hungry too, come train and let's WIN!


Island Womens

When/Where: Saturdays 9am at St. Michaels School

Coach: James Reed


Island Mens

When/Where: Saturdays 10am at St. Michaels School

Coach: Bob Gouzins / Rob Honey



Over the next two years, by training and playing with the island teams you may also play in the InterInsulars which take place in Jersey in 2020 and Guernsey in 2021. We are hoping to arrange either away tournaments or host locally with national teams we have relationship with. 


Last year, both teams went to Southampton and played in a tournament with Wincester, Navy, Isle of Wight. 


Teams will be expected to fundraise with some assistance from the JBBA. 


If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the coaches.