Division 1 Playoffs

Posted on: May 11 2017

It's a battle for the Winter League 2016/17 Division 1 title!

The two teams battling it out for the title are Lyons Estates and Titans after coming out top of 5 teams since October 2016.

Can the Titans defend their title for another year? 

We are now into the Playoffs with two games gone. The stats are as follows:


Game 1: Monday 8th May 2017

Lyons Estates 58 v 61 Titans


Game 2: Wednesday 10th May 2017

Titans 60 v 61 Lyons Estates


Both teams winning a game each, but as Titans finished top of the league standing they are 2 games up to 1! The third game on Monday 15th May, 7pm at Langford will sure be interesting! 


Who's scoring the most points during the playoffs? 

Marc Robson-Skeete of Lyons is averaging 21 points! 


Who's shooting 3's?

Jake Michel from Titans has scored 7 in the past 2 games!


Who's got the best accuracy? 

Cameron Stables of Lyons Estates with 75% FT accuracy! 


Watch these guys in action on Monday 15th May, 7pm at Langford!