Experienced Division Details


The Experienced Division is open to any experienced players who are looking to keep playing in the off-season. This year we have an option for non-paid JBBA members to enter, so that returning players and newcomers to the island can get involved more easily.

To encourage all players to mix their teams across Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 players and avoid playing with the same team mates as during the Winter League, we are once again organising a draft to form a number of new teams to enter this division.

Although we strongly recommend you enter the draft to keep things fresh, fair and in the spirit of the Summer League, entering a complete team is allowed as long as all players are registered and paid JBBA members for the 2016/17 season. 

We also strongly recommend mixed teams (the draft teams will be mixed) but this will not be an enforced requirement. 

Night: Tuesday

Times: 18:00 - 21:00 (1 hour game slots which will differ on a weekly basis)

Venue: Langford

Duration: 8 Weeks

Registration Deadline: Midnight on Friday 16th June

Players entering the draft will pay on a per-person basis.

Paid Members - £35
Free-Members - £55

Full team entries (of solely paid JBBA members) will be charged on a per team basis at a cost of £280.

Key Details

  • All players must be registered with the JBBA
  • All players must be correctly linked to their team in the 'Summer League 17 > Experienced Division' (see instructional videos below)
  • Minimum of 6 games guaranteed (extra games dependant on number of entered teams)
  • For draft players, the entry fee's will be on a per person basis. The fee paid to enter the draft will be all you pay (i.e. no joint team fees to come later) 
  • Each team will be required to provide two players, each game night, to act as table officials for the fixture before or after your own.
  • These table duties will be rostered on the fixture list. The team captain is responsible for delegating players to table each week.
  • Referees will be provided.
  • Your team must have some sort of numbered kit for the benefit of the table officials and referees (You can find 10 numbered mesh bibs on Amazon for under £2.50 each delivered or you are welcome to re-use Winter League kit).

Rules & Regulations

For the most part this division runs according to the FIBA 2014 rules and regulations however, there are the following exceptions and additions in the interest of fairness and to ensure the smooth running of the division:

  • Games are made up of 4 x 10 min quarters, running clock
  • Draws are not allowed, over time periods of 2 min will be played until a winner is determined
  • If there are time constraints preventing standard over time, over time will be played as 'golden goal' (i.e next basket wins) to force a winner.
  • Teams who fail to provide table officials will be penalised accordingly (e.g. docking of points) on a case-by-case basis.

How To Register

To enter the draft:

Go to the draft registration page where you can pay (via the purchase of a ticket) your draft entry/court fees for the league.

After the deadline of the 16th July 2017, the JBBA will form a number of teams from the registered players with an 'as fair as possible' split of skill levels, age and gender. The JBBA may contact you to see if you are willing to act as team captain for your team.

The JBBA will contact all players approximately two weeks before the division start on the 19th July, notifying you of which team you are in, who your team mates are and who your captain is. Giving you and your captain time to ensure you are correctly linked to your new team via the website. (see instructional video below)

To register a team you will need to:

  • login to your existing account (this option is for existing paid JBBA members only)
  • Create a team (or select a team if you're re-entering an existing team)
  • Click the 'Add Team in New Division +' tab on your teams page
  • Fill in the form, inviting any existing JBBA members who you want to play in your team and paying the registration deposit

Most of the above steps can be seen in the instructional video below:


To add yourself to a team (as an individual player) you will need to:

  • login to your existing account (this option is for existing paid JBBA members only)
  • One of the following, based on your context:
    • If you've been sent an e-mail invite:
      • Accept the e-mail invitation sent to you by your team captain (logging in if prompted)
    • If you are an existing JBBA member who has played for this team before:
      • Find the team on your 'My Teams' page
      • Click 'View/Edit' team button
      • Select the tab 'Summer League 17 > Experienced Division'
      • Click the 'Add Me To This Division +' button
    • If you have never played for this team before:
      • Go to the 'My Teams' page
      • Search for the team by name in the search bar (top right)
      • Check the relevant division(s) you will be playing for this team (Note: it might be auto-ticked)
      • Click 'Add Team'

All of the above options/steps can be seen in the instructional video below: