Beginner Division Details


The beginners/corporate division is open to any new or inexperienced players and is all about getting fit and having fun!

It's a great opportunity to learn a new sport and an excellent team building exercise for corporate teams, who we really encourage to get involved.

To generate some interest at your workplace or from friends and family, why not print out and pin up our promotional poster and pop your contact details on it?

Coaching and on-court support from more experienced players can be provided, but these players will be limited to what they can do on court in the interest of fairness (see below).

Night: Tuesday

Times: 18:00 - 21:00 (1 hour game slots which will differ on a weekly basis)

Venue: Langford

Duration: 10 Weeks

Costs: From* £350 per team

Starts: Tuesday 23rd July

Registration Deadline: Midnight on Monday 1st July

* Early bird pricing offer, fees must be paid in full by midnight 1st July. Regular pricing (applied to balances paid after 1st July) is £400 per team.

Key Details

  • A minimum of 5 players per team (we recommend 8-12 players in total) of mixed gender
  • A minimum of 1 female players on court for each team at all times (we therefore recommend having 3-4 girls in total within the team)
  • All players must be registered with the JBBA as free member (or above)
  • All players must be correctly linked to their team in the 'Summer League '19 > Beginner Division' (see instructional videos below)
  • Round-robin format, 7 games per team plus an hours court time to practice as a team in the week(s) before your first game
  • If required (and requested) the JBBA will provide each team with their own experienced player/coach to teach you the basics and guide you through every match.
  • A £50 deposit is taken during team registration to secure entry. This amount is taken off the total team fees (i.e not in addition to)
  • The remaining team fees are to be paid (in a single payment) in advance of your 1st game (early bird pricing applies until midnight on Monday 1st July)
  • Each team will be required to provide two players, most game nights, to act as table officials (record the game score and run the game clock) for the fixture before or after your own.
  • These table duties will be rostered on the fixture list. The team captain is responsible for delegating players to table each week.
  • Referees will be provided.
  • If your team doesn't have it's own numbered kit, the JBBA will loan you a set of number mesh bibs which need to be returned in good condition at the end of the league

Rules & Regulations

For the most part this division runs according to the FIBA rules and regulations however, there are the following exceptions and additions in the interest of fairness and to ensure the smooth running of the division:

    • Experienced* players scores are capped as follows:
      • Island & Div 1 players - 4 pts
      • All other experienced players - 6 pts
    • Mixed gender teams. Minimum of 1 female player per team on court at all times.
    • Male players cannot check (actively block) female players shots
    • Games are made up of 4 x 10 min quarters, running clock**
    • Each team gets 1 time out per game
    • Draws are not allowed, over time periods of 2 min will be played until a winner is determined
    • If there are time constraints preventing standard over time, over time will be played as 'golden goal' (i.e next basket wins) to force a winner.
    • Teams who fail to provide table officials will be penalised accordingly (e.g. docking of points) on a case-by-case basis.

New players are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the basic rules of basketball in advance of their first game.

* Experienced = Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, Experienced Div or Island Player in last 3 years. The JBBA reserves the right to (re-)classify individuals as 'experienced' at it's discretion.

**If the score difference is within 5pts or less on or after the 38th minute of the game, the remainder of the game will be played on a stop clock basis.

How To Register

 To register a team you will need to:

Most of the above steps can be seen in the instructional video below:


To add yourself to a team (as an individual player) you will need to:

      • Create an account on (or login to your existing account if you have one)
      • One of the following, based on your context:
        • If you've been sent an e-mail invite:
          • Accept the e-mail invitation sent to you by your team captain (logging in if prompted)
        • If you are an existing JBBA member who has played for this team before:
          • Find the team on your 'My Teams' page
          • Click 'View/Edit' team button
          • Select the tab 'Summer League '19 > Beginner Division'
          • Click the 'Add Me To This Division +' button
        • If your a new JBBA member, or have never played for this team before:
          • Go to the 'My Teams' page
          • Search for the team by name in the search bar (top right)
          • Check the relevant division(s) you will be playing for this team (Note: it might be auto-ticked)
          • Click 'Add Team'

All of the above options/steps can be seen in the instructional video below:


If you want to play but you don't have a team get in touch with us and we will do our best to find you a team to play in.