Draft Draw - SL Experienced Div.


Jun 01 2018 20:00 - Jun 01 2018 20:30


51 will be there


The 2018 Summer League > Experienced Division teams will be formed by drafting all players who enter into up to 8 teams!

You can view the key details of the league itself by visiting the experienced division section of the Summer League page.

The JBBA will draft all players into a number of semi-random teams (we will ensure that no one team is too one sided e.g. all Island players or all point guards etc) and assign two of the more experienced team members as co-captains and ask them to help manage the team.

The Summer League is open to both existing and new members, you will see from the entry options below that players with an existing 2017/18 paid membership benefit from a lower entry fee.

Anyone who wishes to play in the SL 2018 > Experienced Division must enter the draft by purchasing one of the ticket options below, the list of purchasers will be used to form the draft draw.

Both ticket types will be available until midnight on Thursday the 31st May 2018, the following day the teams will be formed and the announced.