Credit Scheme


The JBBA is a non-profit organisation which relies entirely on volunteers to keep it functioning, any profit which is made once all the annual court and infrastructure costs are settled remains within the JBBA and is used for development, purchase of new equipment, training etc.

Unfortunately, the pool of members who volunteer their time to keep things running is quite small and this is something which we want to change.

To show some appreciation for the effort of our existing volunteers and to encourage new people to step up, we have introduced a credit scheme to give something back to those that contribute their time and efforts to keep basketball in Jersey running and developing.  

Group Huddle of Hands


Essentially, the scheme rewards those who give up their time and contribute to the running and development of the JBBA with credits which can be used in place of cash towards payment for JBBA products and services.

It is worth noting that these credits are a token of appreciation and are not a representation of what we consider our members time to be worth. For example, you may receive £3 of credit for donating an hour of your time to referee a match, this is a small 'thank you' for contributing, not payment for your services.

These credits can be used alongside or in place of monetary payments for goods and services purchased via e.g. annual membership, event tickets and team fees


Currently, you can earn credits through the following means:

  • Officiating Fixtures - Committing time to refereeing or tabling games 
  • Coaching - Volunteering time on Sunday mornings to coach junior training or coaching an island team
  • Organising Events - Planning a JBBA social event or fundraiser
  • Attending Events - Volunteering at a fundraising event or attending our AGM  
  • Ad-hoc Contributions - We will review other contributions on an ad-hoc basis, if there are other ways you can contribute, let us know

You can see a timeline of your credits earnt and spent on the 'My Payments' page.

Terms of Use

  • All credits are valid for 24 months from the date they were earned. Any credits which are unused within this period will be reversed/removed from your credit balance.
  • Although 1 credit is listed as equivocal to £1 for the sake of simplicity, JBBA credits have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for any cash alternative at any time. 
  • Any payments made in full, or in part, with credits which need refunding, will be refunded in the same way they were paid i.e. payment made via credits will be refunded in credit
  • Credits are administered at the absolute discretion of the JBBA, the credit values assigned for each type of contribution can and will change as we see fit.
  • The JBBA maintains the right to modify or cease this scheme as it sees fit at any time. This includes revoking credits which have already been earnt and distributed but not yet spent, in extreme circumstances (e.g fines for misconduct or the cessation of the scheme)


If you still have questions about the team get in touch with us.